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Adventure List

Your Adventure List

This is your adventure journal of a number of hobbies, experiences, activities and achievements that you currently are participating in that are your passion. The adventure list will assist you in organizing, tracking your current adventures.

  • What adventures are you currently participating in?
  • Which adventures would you like to do again?

When you are looking through the adventure directory you can select an adventure and/or business under the different categories and add it to your adventure list.

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* Notifications: can include any of the following: e-newsletters, coupons, discounts, specials, promotions…

  • Badminton

    Kelowna Badminton Club
    Notifications: YES
    What: Upcoming Events
    Notes: Book coaching summer camp

  • Cycling

    Kelowna Cycle
    Notifications: YES
    What: Bike
    Notes: Save $2,500

    Sport Chek
    Notifications: YES
    What: Hydration Packs
    Notes: Purchase $150

  • Swimming

    H2O Adventure & Fitness Centre
    Notifications: YES
    What: E-Newsletter
    Notes: Sign-up for swim lessons

    Notifications: YES
    What: Swim suit
    Notes: Check-out mall store