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Bucket List

Your Bucket List

This is your adventure journal of a number of experiences or achievements that you hope to have or accomplished in your lifetime. The bucket list will assist you in organizing, setting and achieving your goals.

  • What adventures you have been meaning to try?
  • Is there a club or group you want to join?

When you are looking through the adventure directory you can select an adventure and/or business under the different categories and add it to your bucket list.

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  • Hiking (pending)

    Due Date: June 2015
    Notifications: YES
    What: Register
    Notes: Contact Sue, Jen and Sam to see if you want to join me

    True Outdoors
    Due Date: May 2015
    Notifications: YES
    What: Buy hiking boots and camel back
    Notes: Save up $200

  • Skiing (completed)

    Big White Ski Resort
    Due Date: Dec 2015
    Notifications: YES
    What: Lessons
    Notes: Save up $500

    Sun Peaks Resort
    Due Date: April 2014
    Notifications: YES
    What: Cancel old season's pass and cancel locker
    Notes: Drive to Kamloops

  • Water Skiing (pending)

    Eldorado Marina
    Due Date: August 2015
    Notifications: YES
    What: Rent sea-doo
    Notes: Remember your gear!