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About Us

Promoting Your Adventure Lifestyle

What we are

Global Adventure Centre is your local gateway for what’s happening in your community.

Your "one call / click does it all" for adventures, activities and events for all ages and interests.

Our main purpose is to provide an ADVENTURE directory for activities, recreation & sports with the following main categories:

  • Air
  • Land
  • Snow & Ice
  • Water
Or search
  • Alphabetically

The foundation of Global Adventure Centre is the adventure directory. In addition to the adventure directory we have also added amenities directory. Whether you’re a local or visitor that is interested in combining your adventures and amenities for a day or overnight adventure package.

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Main categories can include any of the following subcategories:

  • Athletes
  • Classes
  • Clothing Stores
  • Clubs & Forums / Clubs & Associations / Clubs & Leagues
  • Courses
  • Courts
  • Equipment Stores
  • Events & Competitions / Events & Tournaments
  • Facilities
  • Fields
  • Guide Books
  • Lessons
  • Locations
  • Parks
  • Photos
  • Rentals
  • Services
  • Teams
  • Tours
  • Training
  • Videos
  • Any other listing suggestion for your business, please let us know.


  • Connect all adventurers within our local community and with other communities coming to the Okanagan.
  • Inspire adventurers by promoting & supporting local athletes.
  • Unite businesses within the activities, recreation & tourism industries.
  • Add value through our features to generate cash flow to be disturbed back into the community so we all make an impact.

PHILOSOPHY: Our principles

  • Our main objective is to come from the utmost of integrity with all of humanity.
  • We aspire to adhering to these moral and ethical principles in all aspects of the company and with the local community.


  • A Social Enterprise: We are a social enterprise company that is for profit.
  • Community Inspiration: We believe that uniting all activity, sports & tourism business and all adventurers under one roof that we as a whole can make a huge impact within our community by connecting together.
  • Net Profit Mandate: Our mandate is that 100% of net profits will go back into the local community distributed equally through the contributions funds.


Our Clients
Market & promote businesses, organizations, artist & athletes as a whole that are in recreation, sports, tourism, arts & entertainment in the Okanagan Valley.

Our Customers
Encourage, support & motive adventurers to participate by inspiring them to get involved in physical activity within their community through resources, education and providing a bucket list as a tool to accomplish their goals.


OBJECTIVE: Our purpose

  • Our principal purpose is for plant profit & prosperity which is guided by our beliefs and values for making business decisions from the heart for the greater good of all.
  • We are also dedicated to prompting physical fitness and social networking among adventurers.

GOALS: Our mission

  • Unify adventurers & communities by inspiring, informing, teaching, leading and educating through sharing daily adventures with local residents.
  • Dedicated to making a difference within our community.
  • Aspire to be the best adventure company we can be.
  • Enhance adventure lifestyle by motivating, inspiring, educating and encouraging local residents to participate in local recreation, sports & tourism activities.
  • Local gateway and portal for adventure businesses, clubs and organizations marketing to adventurers.
  • Connecting all adventurers on a global platform by uniting them through a social community.
  • Create opportunities for new businesses to add services and existing businesses to flourish.
  • Contribute by making an economic impact by giving back 100% of net profits back into the community through the contribution funds.

VISION: Our promise

  • Our responsibly is to promote physical fitness with our features to get involved in an active lifestyle by inspiring, promoting and connecting with like-minded adventurers and businesses providing services.
  • Our commitment is to give back to each prospective community in which we provide services with the goal of unifying each community globally.
  • Our pledge is to always be open to feedback, suggestions to improve our overall company’s goals.
  • Our promise is to provide to utmost of quality service to our clients, customers and community.
  • Our vision to give back to each prospective community in which we provide features, with the goal of unifying each community globally.

Meet Your Team: Our humanitarian cause

Your TEAM at Global Adventure Centre is comprised of a group of local individuals coming together with the passion of making a difference in their community by contributing their time for the greater purpose to benefit ALL.